life settings

As we've recently packed our belongings and changed dwelling places I thought it might be a not so bad idea to show some pictures I've taken over the last year (unfortunately of terrible quality due to my rubbish phone) in our old home of my little decoration projects - perhaps as a personal way of saying goodbye to an old chapter.

Not sure if it's the nesting spirit or the fact that I've moved back north and been re-influenced by the Scandinavian interior design/decorating craze (probably a mix of both) that I've found myself enjoying decorating like never before. I'm a visual addict no doubt and the desire to create beauty around me, an eye-pleasing setting for our lives to take place in, tends to consume me at times. I shall let it be that way. God did the same thing: created the earth with care and craft, before putting us in its stunning surroundings.

Made in His image and made to create, I invite you in..

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